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As your wine ages an array of chemical reactions are slowly taking place. When you think about decanting a wine, more often than not it’s an older wine that has dropped sediment while comfortably aging. Although sediment doesn’t hurt you no one really wants it in their glass. Decanting can also benefit many youthful wines, especially those with firm tannins that could use a bit of oxygen to soften their texture and make them more approachable. And it’s not just red wines that receive added benefit from decanting, some younger white wines will open up and express their aromatics more profoundly.

With proper storage our wine is cellared at colder temperatures than the natural temperature we’re accustomed to drinking it. Decanting will increase the wines temperature by 3-4 degrees, making it the ideal temperature to enjoy with your meal.

Decanting and aeration can make a big difference in flavors, aromas, textures, and overall wine enjoyment. It’s great to experiment to see how you prefer your bottle!