Shipping Information


Please note that certain states have limits on the quantity of wine we can ship. Some states require that the consumer be on site in order to place an order.

We CANNOT ship to the following states:

Summer and Winter Shipping

Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can have a negative impact on wine. In order to protect your investment, we keep a close eye on temperatures for you during the winter and summer months. When it looks like the weather could have an effect on your wine, we will contact you regarding holding your wine until temperatures are in a safe range. If you do choose to send your wine, we recommend shipping 2 day or overnight shipping.

Order Tracking

Please contact our Shipping Department at 425.482.7316 for order tracking information.

Shipping & Handling Charges

Shipping & Handling charges are noted during the check-out process.

Multiple Delivery Attempts

If no one is available to receive the package and it cannot be left in a secure location, two subsequent attempts to deliver will be made. Wine orders required an adult signature, so whenever possible, we strongly encourage you to use a commercial business address to assure the fastest delivery time.

Benefits of Using a Commercial Delivery Address

We strongly encourage you to provide us, whenever possible, with a commercial address for the delivery of your order. Wine orders require the signature of an adult.